Monday, March 28, 2011

Again in US

Hi Friends... After a long time, m again starting blogging. One of the reason is that i bought a new laptop. So, now m gonna start blogging again. This time I came to Wilmington. A nice place with lot more seasons. Seasons that I saw in India in every quater, I saw them in just one month. The day when I arrived in Willi, it was cool weather. After two or three days, snowfall started. This was my life's first experience of snow. I never saw snow in my life. So, I m pretty much excited. After snow, rain. Then sunny day and windy evening n night. Next day was ok, but in the evening again clouds came up. In the rainfall, n morning started with little snow fall. This is how life is going on. M missing my country, my friends and My Love, my life, my wife...... THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY BLOG.........KEEP SMILING.... an euphonious keeps you smart


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