Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi Friends...
You know today my blog "KHUSHI" got approved by SocialSpark . I had submitted my blog 3-4 times in SocialSpark but again and again I got disapproval. Then I decided to issue a ticket. But then again I got disapproval. The SP people told me that they were unable to find my blog on major search engines. I asked them to review my blog again and now I got approval. Social Spark is a branch of PAYPERPOST and working as good as PPP.
My blog already got approved by PPP. I had written two sponsored posts for PPP. Its quite difficult to grab opps in PPP in comparison to SOCIAL SPARK. In SP we just need to click on marketplace and then navigate to browse opportunities.

And of course its very easy to see the bloggers registered on SP.
Social spark is much better then PayPerPost.You know why because we do not have to worry about Google's slap & our page rank.
The most important thing :-
The 'No-follow rule' in links. All links should have no follow with them. This rule will help us against search engine's penalties. Social spark also helps us to drive traffic on to our blog from our own community in social spark.
Social spark has some more features such as :-
100% Transparency .
100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure.
100% Search Engine Friendly.
100% Real Opinions etc.

Social spark is the best example of 100% Honesty and transparency :
Social spark has 100 % transparency by making it mandatory that every social spark blogger has to show disclosure within the post.So it would help the visitors know that we are earning money by blogging business(By SOCIAL SPARK). It also identifies relation between Bloggers and Advertisers.
I also want show something to bloggers that they might be awarded by Social spark bloggers if they have attractive blog with unique content & creative thoughts . Bloggers do have the right to vote blogs.
It is another example of Social spark's 100% Honesty and transparency :

Social spark is 100% search engine friendly:

As SP is search engine friendly so its very easy to find from any search engine

100% Real Opinions :
SOCIAL SPARK also lets us to the world know about the true opinion of advertiser's product after meeting with advertiser's minimum requirements.

So at last I just want to say that SOCIAL SPARK is a unique and easy way to earn money.

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