Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I signed up for PPP

Hi Friends...

Today I was working on my PC offline. Hah! Actually I was playing game “Project IGI”. One of my favorites. Suddenly I got a strike and I logged into my mail account. I jumped with joy when I saw mail from PPP that my blog ”KHUSHI” got approval . Today I am really very happy that my blog got approved . In my opinion PPP is the best company in market in the field of blogging. By PPP we can get paid for blogging. Advertisers post opportunities and pay us to review their product.
This is really cool. I am very much excited.

I am really excited about this because I always seem to do something new and unique and of course to earn money apart from my job.
My friends ANUP and VIKAS inspired me to do blogging. They told me that blogging would be a wonderful experience and will be a good way to interact with people and to earn money. So I decided to do blogging.

I am currently doing job and pursuing MBA. So side by side I am doing blogging also to earn little more money. Blogging is a way to interact with people on an international level.

It's a good platform for bloggers. Bloggers should visit & have their accounts opened with Payperpost. We must go & do this .
Although I have got rejections for 2 times from payperpost but finally i got my blog approved from PAYPERPOST. It's good to see that still there are companies which are maintaining the business ethics. Which believe in rules and regulations. Business ethics are essential/Indispensable for a company to run their business in a better way. It also sets remarkable examples for other companies. PAYPERPOST is the only company which has grown up it's business in very short time.

So it’s definitely nice to have a way to utilize our free time to make a little side money.


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